Vegan Ecovillage - Nillumbik

WHAT: A co-housing project for people and planet to thrive

WHERE: Nillumbik Shire Council, Victoria, Australia

CURRENTLY: Recruiting

Please check back often. This website, like our community, is a work in progress and we are revising and developing our ideas all the time!



  • 9- or 10-star energy rating

  • Minimal consumption and waste

Accessible Housing

  • Affordable to a diverse range of people

  • Shared workload eliminates the need for everyone to do everything

  • Accessible design

Caring Community

  • Active and engaged community of vegans - people like you who care about the planet, people and animals

  • Guided by principles of sociocracy

What stage are we up to?


Building a core group of initial residents (founders)


Clarifying our vision: social, financial and legal models


Founders work with external supporters / experts to acquire land and build

LIVE (2024?)

Founders move into the ecovillage and put theory into practice

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

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